The Columbia No. 1 Fire Department is a moderate sized suburban fire Department located along the Susquehanna River in Columbia Borough Pennsylvania. The Department which is all volunteer is the oldest of 3 companies in the Borough of Columbia. The Departments history is over 204 years old with its history dating back to 1796. The Department is staffed by 30 volunteer firefighters and 10 active support personnel.

The department utilizes Truck 8-1, Engine 8-1-1, Squad 8-1, Boat 8-1-1, Boat 8-1-2, Boat 8-1-3, as well as a Wave Runner and a Chiefs Vehicle to provide protection to Columbia Borough and surrounding municipalities. The department runs approximately 300 responses a year, with a large variety of responses from the most common vehicle accident to a more sophisticated dive recovery operation. The Columbia No. 1 Fire Departments Water Emergency Team is the only Dive Recovery Team in Lancaster County and surrounding communities. The team has been in operation for approximately 4 years and has since assisted over 36 municipalities.

The current station is located on Front St. in Columbia Borough. A new state of the art facility which is over 12000 Sq. feet will be built in the coming future, on the current site. The new facility which is in the final stages of approval will be equipped with multiple offices, a communications room, 3 bunk rooms, a cafeteria, training room, officers conference room, exercise room as well as a large comfortable lounge area for firefighters, showers, and a large maintenance room.

The firefighters of the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department log over 2000 firefighter training hours yearly, and are fortunate to be able to offer to its customers an aggressive professional service.